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    .Baracuda G3 Diagram


    G3™ Troubleshooting


    Baracuda G3™ stops and starts

    • Check diaphragm for blockage or damage. Adjust worn diaphragm by loosening cassette swivel, gently pushing down on inner pipe & retightening cassette swivel.

    Baracuda G3™ is patterning

    • Add return diverters or divert return inlets downward. Lay hose in a straight line in the sun to relax memory. Confirm proper hose length - add 1 to 2 hose sections.

    Baracuda G3™ isn't covering the opposite end of the pool

    • Add return diverters or divert return inlets downward. Use flow to move cleaner to opposite end. Move hose weight away from cleaner head slightly. In deep pools add additional weight.

    Baracuda G3™ stuck at steps

    • Utilize return flow (see adjustments). Confirm proper hose length. Adjust flow to cleaner. Adjust hose weight.

    Baracuda G3™ stuck under ladder

    • Install ladder guard (PN W24000)

    Baracuda G3™ flips over

    • Contact tech services for local warranty station.

    Baracuda G3™ won't climb walls

    • Cleaner may not climb walls of some vinyl pools. Use Pool Pulse™ and raise flow. Confirm proper hose length. Adjust hose weight.

    Baracuda G3™ doesn't move

    • Use Pool Pulse™ to insure proper flow. Clean baskets and filter. Check diaphragm for damage. Check hose sections for leaks by lifting each section above water.

    Baracuda G3™ won't leave edge or rim of pool

    • Use Pool Pulse™ and lower flow. Utilize return flow to move cleaner. Adjust hose weight. Solar blanket installation Coverage will be limited due to blanket.



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