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    Waterway Pump Package TWM Cartridge Filter 520-3010


    TWM Cartridge Filter Equipment Package Without Trap made by Waterway 520-3010

    The economical solution for filtering an above ground pool. Waterways TWM (Total Water Management) package includes the pump, filter, hoses, and equipment pad.


    • 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter with drain plug
    • Center discharge pool pump - Single Speed- 1HP- 115V-
    • 3 ft. NEMA (3-prong, grounded) cord
    • Two 6 ft. x 1 1/2" hoses with connectors
    • Equipment pad
    • Optional trap: 1 1/2" Union Nut, 1 1/2" FPT

    Waterway TWM Cartridge Filter Pump Package Includes Waterway TWM Cartridge Filter Pump Package 520-3010 Without Trap Waterway Pump Leaf Trap 6 in. 1.5 in. X 1.5 in. 310-5400


    1. Remove pump, filter and parts from box.
    2. Slide filter base (#6) onto filter bottom (#7).
    3. With O-ring (#9) in place, thread filter onto pump. Tighten securely, but do not over-tighten.
    4. lace 0-ring (#9) onto desired tailpiece and assemble tailpiece to output of filter using 1 1/2" union nut.
    5. Apply Teflon plumbers tape to hose adapter threads (#11). Thread into intake of pump. If using a trap, see A2. (optional)
    6. Apply Teflon plumbers tape to pressure gauge threads and thread into filter lid. Do not over-tighten.
    7. Attach corrugated hose to pump/filter using hose clamps to secure.
    8. Attach corrugated hose ends to pool skimmer and pool return, using hose clamps to secure (intake to skimmer, output to return).


    1. Inspect and secure all fittings and connectors.
    2. Bleed air out of filter before unscrewing bleed screw on top of filter lid, one complete turn. Close screw when water begins to come out.
    3. lug pump into a GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) Socket. NOTE: If the pump is running, but does not appear to be pumping water, continue to bleed air out of filter by unscrewing air bleed screw one turn.


    • NOTE: Filter cartridge should be cleaned when pressure exceeds 15 PSI higher than starting point when newith clean.
    • Plug skimmer intake and return line fitting to stop flow of water from returning backward and purging out of canister while cleaning filter. (Use 1 1/2" thread plug or gate valve sold separately (WV001U). See local dealer for more information.)
    Waterway Pump Package TWM Cartridge Filter
    N Part/N Qty. Description




    Corrugated Hose
    2 872-0011 4 Hose Clamp
    3 417-6041 1 1 1/2" TP Hose Adapter
    4 902-2000 1 Teflon Tape
    5 672-1010 1 Pump Base
    6 672-1051 1 Filter Mount Base
    7   1 Top Load Filter Housing Assembly
    8 830-3000 1 Gauge
    9 805-0226 2 O-Ring
    10 817-5000 1 Filter Cartridge - 50 sq. ft.
    11 417-6061 1 1 1/2" MPT Hose Adapter
    12 415-4001 1 1 1/2" Union Nut
    13 715-1001 1 Air Relief Plug
    14 805-0114 1 O-Ring, Air Relief Plug
    15 805-0360 1 O-Ring, Filter Lid


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